Saturday we went to the Varend Corso. The procession was really nice, but the location we watched from was not that great. The average age was 60+ and almost everybody just sat on their chairs and hardly ever moved. No clapping, s(w)inging, waving, just sitting and watching. So next year we will visit it again, but from another spot.

We visited it together with my brother, his wife, their son and my sister. And after it, we went to my brother’s house and where we barbecued. I tried to connect the microphone to my nephew computer, but it seems the mike is broken. So he has to invest again. Now we still can not talk on MSN and we still have to type [:(]

Yesterday we visited friends on their allotment garden. We have been thinking about such a garden as well. We have a very nice house, but it is on the 4th floor. We asked if any garden was available, and they took us to someone who knew that kind of things. And guess what, enough were for sale. So we look at three of them and how knows, we will have a garden soon. OK, we need to drive 15 minutes on the bike to get there, but it’s much better then only a balcony.

It is quite hot in the Netherlands at the moment, at least to our standard (27° [:-)] ), so I didn’t spend any time on the memory problems in Dorgem since I’m back from my vacation, sorry. I also still have to answer some emails, so please be patient with me.