Welcome to the website of Frank Fesevur.

On this website you can find information about the various open source projects I work on or have worked on.
I have written a tutorial on how to get started using vim.

If you are interested in the (Dutch) genealogy of the Fesevur family, you can find that here are well.


Most recent blog posts

Recovering my very old blog

I have been blogging quite a long time now. The oldest blogpost on my site was from June 2011, but I have been blogging on and off since 2004. Those old posts from 2004 until 2011 were lost for many years. I wasn’t sure what had happened exactly, so did some research and found out some things I completely forgot about.

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Retro gaming on a very old laptop

A while ago I come across retro gaming once again. Although I am not a gamer, having grown up and started uses computers in the 1980’s retro gaming is something I do occasionally. The first computer I ever played with was a friend’s Sinclair ZX81. The first computer I owned was an Atari 800XL followed by an Philips MSX. Friends of mine had a Commodore 64. Apart from learning to program in BASIC (what kick-started my life in IT), I also played games on it so I know a lot of the major games from that era.

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