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Recovering Blogger comments

While reading my post about recovering my very old blog again, I read the Blogger Importer docs again and noticed that it has an option to recover comments as well.

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Reboot Windows at a given time

For years I have installed Cygwin on basically all my machines. But with the introduction of WSL and especially WSL2 I stopped using it.

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Recovering my very old blog

I have been blogging quite a long time now. The oldest blogpost on my site was from June 2011, but I have been blogging on and off since 2004. Those old posts from 2004 until 2011 were lost for many years. I wasn’t sure what had happened exactly, so did some research and found out some things I completely forgot about.

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Retro gaming on a very old laptop

A while ago I come across retro gaming once again. Although I am not a gamer, having grown up and started uses computers in the 1980’s retro gaming is something I do occasionally. The first computer I ever played with was a friend’s Sinclair ZX81. The first computer I owned was an Atari 800XL followed by an Philips MSX. Friends of mine had a Commodore 64. Apart from learning to program in BASIC (what kick-started my life in IT), I also played games on it so I know a lot of the major games from that era.

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SelectQuotedText 1.1.0 released

Today I released version 1.1.0 of SelectQuotedText.

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