I really need to do something about my current bike.

I bought my Ramble Voyager two years ago at the Aldi for € 199. I know for this price you can not expect the quality of a Koga-Miyata, but at least one would expect the tires to be worn out before the bike itself, wouldn’t you? But unfortunately this is not true. After less then 4000 km, everything that comes close to the chain (the wheel, the pedals, the cog-wheels) makes much noise. The axle is bad and because of that the wheel drags, which makes it too hard to drive it normally.

So I’ve planned to take the afternoon off and go to several bike shops and see what I can do. Basically I have two options, fix my current bike or buy a new one.

Fixing the old one is probably cheaper, but the wheel, pedals and everything between them need to be replaced, so I would have to spend more money on it then the € 199 I paid to buy it. Not a real option!