Today I released version 1.6.0 of NppSnippets.

  • Indent the snippet when it is inserted. Since this is a new feature and I can’t test it for all possible programming languages indenting may not always works as indented, so you can disable it in the Options.
  • Make the plugin more keyboard friendly (issue #31). It adds two menu items to the Plugins menu to set the focus to the lists of libraries and the lists snippets. In Settings, Shortcut Mapper... you can assign your own keyboard shortcuts to these actions. Apart from these menu items the plugin is generally more keyboard friendly.
  • Add more images to the page How to use.
  • Upgrade to SQLite version 3.33.0

To download version 1.6.0, go to the download page on GitHub.

The PR to update the Plugin Admin of Notepad++ has been submitted. When that PR is merged and a new version of Notepad++ has been released the plugin will be updated automatically.