I’m in a big dilemma about the future of Dorgem.

My personal interest in the program is declining. You must have noticed. I didn’t blog about Dorgem much the last months. There hasn’t been a release for much too long. To be honest I haven’t touched new Dorgem3 code for months. My last webcam image on this site is uploaded at the 1st of July.

But the last year the downloads are rising. From around 2.000 downloads per month the first couple of years, to over 10.000 per month the last year. So apparently people are interested in Dorgem. So it is a pity to let go with the project at this moment.

But there is still so much work to be done and I have have so little time. There are so much other interesting thing to do. And obviously my live is more the just the computer. I have a family and we get the keys to our new home next week. I started playing darts weekly and I’m still running twice a week.

So there you have my dilemma. The general interest in Dorgem is rising and my interest is declining. So please ;-) leave your comments. (And no, I’m not desperate!)