Last week I have tested wxVidCap. It is a wxWidgets class to add video capture support to an application. Currently only the VfW is fully implemented, but I must say I’m quite impressed with it.

I know some of you will say, I thought you wanted to drop VfW. Yes, you’re right. But adding a DirectX implementation to this class should not be too difficult (once you know DirectX of course :-S). And it has a (limited) implementation for V4L (Video for Linux) as well. The way it is build other platforms could be added as well, when the proper hardware is available.

And with this class I can at least make a start writing Dorgem 3 using wxWidgets.

I still have to think about the main architecture of the program. I’m leaning towards daemon / service based, so console app that does the hard work and a GUI to configure it. On Linux it is quite common to have a command line based multimedia application. It should make it easier to run it on a server. It would not work anymore in Win9x, but I don’t see that as a problem anymore. I know two wxDaemon classes exists. The authors said they would add it to wxCode, but apparently this has not happened yet. I have contacted them both, but they both didn’t respond yet.