Last Wednesday I took the usual ride on my bike from home to the station to take the train to the office.

Well, at least… That was the plan…

When I was half way on the bike, I didn’t notice a small but apparently slippery part of the road. It had been freezing that night.

BANG there I was… lying on the asphalt. In a split second from biking as usual to feeling how painful a road can be.

Two people were very kind and they stopped to help me. When I was standing again, I noticed that my knees and my elbows did hurt, but not very badly. So they went on and I walked back home.

At home I first saw my damaged face. A big graze on my lip and a graze on my chin.

I stayed home the rest of the day with pain in my knees, elbows/hands and face. But later that evening, my right hand started to hurt more and more.

Yesterday morning I went to see the doctor and he sent me to the hospital to take an X-ray of my right hand. It was very thick, blue and it did hurt! Luckily it was not broken, but bruised.

Today it still does hurt, but at least I could write this entry, so I hope I can get to work next week again.

As Menno said four or five time yesterday: “Daddy, you should have watched out!”. And he was right.